Precious Metal Expertise

Nevada Coin Mart offers free evaluation on each item that customers want to sell us. This evaluation is done in front of customers as early as possible. Our expert team are on standby, anticipating any customer that drops by, ready to assist clients that need help in selling and buying an item.

Modern Technology Meets Expert Hands

The company houses 2 monitors that are 55″ each. These screens display the items that are being tested and analyzed under the X-Ray Spectrometer or the GIA diamond microscope. This certain feature allows customers to see how their item is being handled, keeping transparency and honesty evident within the store.

But these tests can only provide so much information. In order to properly grade and evaluate items, expert opinion should be considered as well. The company’s experts on precious metals and gems are certified by GIA, which means that they are more than capable of making accurate assessments. Nevada Coin Mart takes pride in being home to such experts, because GIA is, after all, the world’s foremost authority in Gemology and Diamond Grading.

Aside from the X-Ray Spectrometer, Nevada Coin Mart also uses a bunch of other machines that aid the institute in getting a better grasp of a customers’ item. But these machines cannot function without the knowledge of expert operators, who spent time in studying the basics when it comes to machines that are involved in the industry of precious metals. They are also equipped with more than sufficient understanding on how to interpret the results that come out of these machines.

As an establishment that has lasted through decades, Nevada Coin Mart continues to prove its competence and trustworthiness. If you choose to trade and deal with Nevada Coin Mart, you can rest assured that you are getting your item’s value down to the last gram.