Bullion Testing

Nevada Coin Mart is home to bullion experts that have dedicated most of their time in analyzing bullion items and precious metals based on different characteristics. They also compare the items they receive to the other ones that have already been established as official references.

To remain impartial, these experts do not participate in the commercial buying and selling of bullion. They grade bullion & precious metals based on the following attributes:

  • Condition (signs of wear, especially on the portions of legends and lettering) 
  • Visual factors (such as oxidation, scratches, etc.)
  • Design 
  • Sharpness, clarity, and readability of date and other features
  • Luster
  • Weight
  • Metal composition (measured using Troy Weight Standards)

We use state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific X-Ray Spectrometer in evaluating items in terms of precious metal content, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Such a procedure is more favorable for our clients unlike the scratch tests that other shops perform when evaluating items that are being sold to them. When scratch tests are done on precious metals, a permanent mark or any form or damage will surely tarnish your items, and probably affect its value. 

Knowledgeable operators are always on standby if ever an item has to go under NCM’s machines. These operators fully understand how the machines run and perform analyses, which is why they can also fully discuss with customers whatever results come out of them after each evaluation. Interpreting these results play a huge factor in how the items will be priced, so being able to disclose all details with a customer is imperative.